Ad Hoc Property offer a suite of services designed to protect all types of void property. Whether that is empty land which is prone to fly tipping, or various types of buildings which need protection from squatting, asset theft or vandalism.

This infographic shows the range of services and the different scenarios that each can be employed to protect.

The main building is best suited to being occupied by live in guardians. The outer edges of the grounds and out of site areas can be protected with CCTV towers and small structures such as power plants or storage areas can be protected with wireless smart alarms. During the initial phase of the project, before residential guardians are set up in residence, traditional security guards can protect the area.

During the project, the building is maintained and the grounds can also be maintained.

At the end of the project the property is handed back to the owners, ready for it’s handover to new owners after a sale or it’s new use.