Kevin Harris is a Guardian and has a fascinating job; he’s a Film Prop Maker from London. Kevin has been a Guardian for a year now, and so far it has been a bit of an adventure.

It took me a while to take the leap to join Ad Hoc but I’m glad that I did. The process was very straightforward. I went to the Ad Hoc office where they explained how being a Guardian works; I was then shown around the properties available and within a few weeks found myself with a set of keys to a Victorian hunting lodge in London! I couldn’t imagine being given the opportunity to live in such an unusual property in the capital city, especially with prices constantly rising and the properties available on the conventional rental market being so limited.


I work as a Freelance Model and Prop Maker. My job is to create items such as miniatures, props and costume armour used in films. The unusual spaces and large rooms therefore really suit my creative lifestyle. My friends are always impressed because my home is in London, and yet I’m paying a lot less rent than they are on the private rental market. The savings that can be made are the main reason more and more people are becoming Guardians. I think that it’s definitely a way of living to consider, as it can allow you to save up and be in a position to buy your own home.

Presently, I’m moving out of one building into another. Throughout the entire process, Ad Hoc has been very helpful in finding me another property in London. I enjoyed the experience of living at the Victorian lodge house but I am equally as excited to move into my new place!