fire exit, keep clear sign hanging on a metallic fence

Naturally, fire safety is something that we all take very seriously. This is why we are sending staff from every regional office on a NEBOSH training course in Fire Safety and Risk Management this month. The only organisation in our industry to do so, it will provide the additional knowledge and understanding required to carry out a comprehensive fire risk assessment and identify the range of measures needed to minimise the risk of fire.

As those of you that work with us will know, we already carry out a fire officer approved fire risk assessment on all of our properties, from which we make the necessary changes to every property in order to meet fire safety regulations before the property is occupied. When Guardians move into their new properties, each Guardian has the safety features explained to them and what they need to do if there is a fire.

Additionally, all of our properties contain fire extinguishers containing CO₂, foam or water. The extinguisher type is specified via a sticker on the device itself and in a sign on the wall next to it.

We also provide guidance to all our Guardians on fire safety through our Guardian Handbook, distributed to each Guardian across the organisation.

If you would like to find out more about our fire safety credentials, get in contact here.