There are numerous challenges with finding a house or flat to rent. With demand so high the task can be something of a scavenger hunt. Finding a suitable property at a reasonable price in a pleasant location whilst avoiding dodgy or stringent landlords may be a tedious and daunting task, but there are new ways to break this mind-numbing cycle. This is where Ad Hoc can help people looking for a house or flat to rent.

Ad Hoc creatively reimagines properties of all types and sizes to make them a suitable place for someone to live. Carefully vetted guardians are then able live there as a permanent or part time dwelling. This means that ensuring the maintenance of the property is in the interest of the Guardian, rather than just the property owner.

The role of these guardians is different from that of a tenant in a tenancy-landlord agreement. Although the guardians must take responsibility for the property they are given a greater degree of flexibility, For example they only need to give two weeks’ notice before leaving.

Finding these properties is easy. Just simply go on to the Ad Hoc guardian website, click properties, and scroll through dozens of properties in cities all over the country, including London, Bristol, Liverpool, Newcastle and Glasgow, just to name a few. Ad Hoc have put guardians in former schools, hospitals, leisure centres, churches, flats and other such buildings, originally intended for an entirely different purpose, so there really are very few limits on their creative capabilities of Ad Hoc in helping adventurous guardians.

As stressful as the process to find a house or flat may be, there are innovative options for the down hearted, who are prepared to follow a slightly unusual path. The Ad Hoc way is fast proving a new and effective way for the property market work, giving power back to the consumers who are trying to find houses or flats to rent.