With more than 11,000 Ministry of Defence homes across the UK currently lying empty, adequately securing and safeguarding them from the threat of theft, arson and trespassers until they are ready to be re-occupied is critical.

Given the wide range of buildings, sites and land under military ownership, which also includes army barracks, offices and training facilities, it’s not hard to appreciate the challenge of protecting these areas, which typically house specialist and expensive equipment.

Solutions for tough security challenges

Ad Hoc has a large portfolio of security products available to meet the diverse range of security needs faced by the military.

From steel security screens and smart alarms to deter and alert you about intruders trying to break into any of your properties, to bollards, barriers and CCTV Towers to help prevent or identify any trespassers trying to encroach on your land.

Security Screens

Steel security screens are one of the most effective means of protecting your vacant properties from intruders and vandals.

Key features:

  • A fully visible deterrent to trespassers
  • Made from robust steel
  • Professional and highly secure installation
  • Perforated design to enable adequate light and ventilation
  • Custom made screens to meet any size or specification

Smart Alarm Systems

Our range of smart alarm systems, which can be installed and active in one day are an ideal solution to help protect any of your buildings from theft or vandalism.

Key features:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Smart sensors
  • Security response
  • Rapid installation and go live


Our strong but slimline bollards are a cost-effective solution to preventing unwanted site access by vehicles. They are also ideal for use in areas where space may be more restricted.

Key features:

  • Top grade steel
  • Strong, hard-wearing design
  • Available in bright visible colours
  • Can be embedded in concrete
  • Great for tighter spaces


Our concrete barriers provide a simple and effective deterrent to unauthorised vehicle access to your sites, that are almost impossible for would-be trespassers to move without specialised equipment.

Key features:

  • High -level security barrier
  • Visible deterrent
  • Range of available sizes
  • Ideal for protecting sites and vacant land

CCTV Towers

Ad Hoc’s range of mobile CCTV Towers provide an effective surveillance solution to enhance the security of your buildings and any large open spaces that may surround them.

Key features:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Quick installation
  • A range of camera zoom capabilities
  • Night vision
  • Wireless technology
  • Highly visible deterrent