Property owners FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How much could I save by using Ad Hoc?

You could save up to 50% compared with boarding up methods and as much as 80% compared with static security guard services.

Who are the Property Guardians?

All our Guardians are fully vetted by an external agency and briefed by Ad Hoc. They include key workers, working professionals and mature students, with an average age of 25 – 35.

Would my buildings be suitable?

Any building that has electricity and is wind and watertight would be suitable. We would require service checks on utility supplies. We offer the same service to all buildings, whether commercial or residential.

What if there are no kitchens or bathrooms in my property?

No problem. We have a specialist team who will install temporary facilities which can be removed at the end of our management.

What if I need my building back quickly?

We only require 31 days’ notice to terminate a contract before we hand back your property clean, secure and free of all belongings.

What is the legal framework?

The legal framework is simple and straightforward. You grant Ad Hoc an Authorisation Agreement to secure your property and we in turn grant our Guardians a licence to occupy a unit within the premises. In this way no rights of tenancy are granted to either Ad Hoc or the Guardians.

What about access to my building?

Unlike a tenancy agreement, the license agreement we have with our Guardians grants absolute access at all times for you the owner and Ad Hoc. However for third party access we require 24 hours’ notice to inform the Guardians.

Would I need change of use consent?

No, because your building still retains its original use, and is just being protected by Guardians for the interim period between sale, redevelopment or demolition.

Would I still pay empty property rates?

Yes. As with change of use, properties are not defined as occupied as the Guardians are simply there to protect the building.

How would you manage my property?

During our management term we would make regular inspections to make sure your property was being well kept and we would report any maintenance issues to you immediately. Our commitment is to protect the value of your asset while saving you money on security.