Empty Property

Empty Property

Ad Hoc protects your empty property with security solutions. An unrivalled package of security options for every type of vacant property or land owner.

The company was founded in the Netherlands in 1990, and we have since become the European market leader in providing a property occupation model that protects empty properties from any potential threats.

From our nine regional offices we manage hundreds of buildings through our extensive range of security solutions which include smart alarms, security guards, Cyclops Smartcam Towers, commercial guardians and a network of thousands of responsible residential guardians. We continue to grow, with more offices due to open.

There are thousands of empty properties in the UK including flats, houses, offices, churches and libraries. Many are in town centres or beautiful countryside where it is often very expensive to either live or work. They may be vacant for many reasons – waiting to be sold or to gain planning permission, or because the owners are overseas.

Ad Hoc’s solution helps both the property owners and working people who are looking for low-cost accommodation.

Uniquely we offer a ‘one-stop’ solution for all our clients’ property protection needs. Our one-stop approach gives our clients complete peace of mind, whether it’s through providing our property occupation model, smart alarm system or security guard offering right through to our Cyclops Smartcam Towers.

Through our Property Occupation Model we put properties back into temporary use (either commercially or residentially) with the assurance that they are totally protected.Owners are safe in the knowledge their properties remain secure and properly maintained, but also, and very importantly, it is a cost effective way of bringing otherwise unaffordable accommodation back into the market for use.

We take pride in the social benefits our business model delivers, protecting our clients’ assets and creating affordable commercial or residential accommodation that improves the local environment and helps to keep neighbourhoods safe.

Our vision is that every building in the UK – be it residential or commercial – is secure and available for people to live or work in and, in doing so, we help to make communities thrive. Ad Hoc offers a tailored security solution to property owners with empty property who invariably have different security needs at different times in the lifecycle of their property ownership.