Landlords and estate managers have several options available for void property management.

These range from manned security to boarding up and remote CCTV monitoring. The Property management team however would be advised to also consider the use of property guardians to keep the property occupied. Keeping the building occupied and heated has additional benefits as it also protects the fabric of the building.

Simply boarding up a property can quickly lead to the building beginning to deteriorate and to attract squatters and vandals which has a wider impact on the surrounding neigbourhood. This isn’t to say that property guardians are the complete solution. If the property is part of an estate of buildings some building may not be suitable for occupation. In these cases the use of smart cam towers linked to a control room allow peripheral void buildings to be monitored.

Empty houses or buildings (the void or GAP site) are prime targets for arsonists, vandals, thieves and squatters. Ensuring your vacant buildings are unaffected by these ills demands constant monitoring.

Managing voids whether long term or with short turnaround times requires a mix of solutions. Having guardians in the properties allows realtime reporting on otherwise void properties. This is in addition to regular property inspections to identify repairs, ensure health and safety.

The objective of course is to reduce tunaround time, and bring the property back into commercial use, therefore reducing lost revenue. Ad Hoc’s void property team are specialists in vacant property managment. The team can deal with and solve all the problems and challenges associated with every type of public and private sector property.

Ad Hoc provide a range of property services and manage every stage of the void property process, from undertaking a property pre-inspection survey through to completing all the necessary remedial works, followed by final post-inspection, and handover once the building is ready for it’s new purpose.

Good management of void properties and the limitation of void periods is vital to maximise rental income in surrounding buildings.

The ultimate objective being to stop void properties remaining unoccupied for long periods of time whist ensuring that void sites are safe, clean and importantly secure. With reduced costs from trespassing, theft and damage.