If you require to secure vacant residential or commercial property for a significant period of time, the traditional methods of property security quickly become uneconomic or  ineffective.

Using security screens or steel security shutters to board up the property for anything more than a short time, leads to the empty property quickly deteriorating. Likewise, using manned security for an period of time is both expensive and whist the property is un-heated, still leads to deterioration.

Peace of mind for property managers can be provided by the use of live in property guardians to keep the otherwise empty property occupied, heated and ventilated. The fabric of the building is protected, with the live in property guardian’s being the properties on-site eyes and ears for any maintenance issues, these can quickly be addressed before developing into a more serious issue.

Whether it is a temporary or emergency basis our vacant property specialists can help. Because vacant and unprotected properties are attractive to vandals, thieves and squatters it is vital that your vacant property is safe and secure as quickly as possible.