Warwickshire County Council


Warwickshire County Council have worked with Ad Hoc Property Management for over 5 years as part of the county’s strategy for managing vacant premises. Sites where Ad Hoc have provided a protection by occupation service have included former homes for elderly people, schools, day centres and a fire station, whereby it currently provides Guardians for 15 WCC sites.


At consistently short notice, Warwickshire County Council frequently requires the deployment of maximum protection to its vulnerable assets. This requires the solution to be flexible and have the ability to react quickly to the circumstances at hand.


Ad Hoc identified its Guardianship model as the ideal cost-effective solution for Warwickshire County Council’s needs. Today, it continues to fulfil all contracts for the council saving it crucial money on expensive manned security solutions and unsightly grills and metal panels, which are not only expensive but in some cases act as an open invite to vandals and squatters.

“From the start, Ad Hoc have provided us with a flexible security initiative for our wide range of empty buildings. They have been able to occupy buildings at short notice and have always returned properties in a good condition and within agreed timescales. The team at Ad Hoc have always been friendly, professional and keen to assist wherever possible. In addition, Ad Hoc have been keen to develop joint property management processes to meet both parties’ requirements. By utilising the Guardian service, Warwickshire County Council have been able to better secure vulnerable vacant premises without having to employ traditional physical security means, and therefore incur the expensive associated costs.”

Helen Wilby, Facilities Support Manager, Warwickshire County Council