Patrols & Inspections

Patrols & Inspections

In many cases your property insurance will stipulate that inspections need to be carried out on your vacant property. However, depending on your building and individual requirements, we understand that a full-time security guard may not be necessary or affordable.

Therefore, we can offer inspection and patrol services to suit a range of budgetary and insurance compliance requirements.


Before determining when and how frequently we will need to carry out inspections of your property, we will need to assess:

  • Your insurance requirements
  • Your own needs
  • The findings from our initial risk assessment

Following this we will be able to tailor an appropriate inspection programme to meet your needs   which also complies with your insurance requirements.   

Each inspec­tion will involve a com­pre­hen­sive site review as spec­i­fied by you, which can include an examination of internal and external buildings, site perime­ter and ser­vices.

During and following their visit to your premises our inspection teams will:

  • Examine your protective measures to check that they are all still in working order
  • Check that your building remains in a good state of repair 
  • Check that your property has not been disturbed by squatters or vandals
  • Provide a detailed report of what has been checked and the findings from the visit


Ideal for properties that are at a lower risk, our mobile patrol offers some of the benefits of a void property inspection service, but at a lower cost.

Our patrol teams will dri­ve past your vacant prop­er­ty at reg­u­lar inter­vals to assess risks and iden­ti­fy any secu­ri­ty breach­es. They can also provide on-call assistance if required.

Key features:

  • Ideal for low risk vacant properties
  • Regular examination of your property to assess risks or security breaches
  • Regular reports
  • On call service available