What is Monitoring and why it is important

What is Monitoring and why it is important?

Monitoring involves ongoing surveillance and reporting of your vacant property, to help keep it safe, secure and in the best possible condition until it is ready to be occupied again.

If left totally unprotected, empty properties can quickly become a target for squatters, thieves, or anyone else wanting to cause criminal damage. Unmonitored buildings can also rapidly deteriorate, with even simple things like a leak rapidly developing into something more serious and costly to repair if left unchecked. And in the most extreme circumstances, the damaging effects of leaving your vacant property totally unprotected can even devalue its price. 

Great solutions for monitoring your property

Fortunately, Ad Hoc has a range of monitoring solutions available to provide ongoing surveillance and protection of your property. From security guards and mobile patrols, to CCTV Towers, Fixed CCTV and Smart Alarms, our solutions will help keep your property safe and secure, immediately alerting you to any issues or situations that may be developing before they become problematic.       

Key features:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Visible deterrent
  • Rapid deployment or installation
  • Regular report status updates
  • Flexible terms