What is Keyholding and why it is important

What is Keyholding and why it is important?

Keyholding is a service that protects property owners by nominating another individual or firm to look after their spare keys should their primary key become lost or stolen.

Essentially it provides added piece of mind and an important extra layer of security in a crisis situation. So, should you become locked out your property your keyholders can enable you to get back in, while in the event that your building alarm is activated your keyholder can immediately respond.

Ad Hoc’s Keyholding Service

Our keyholders can secure your property, respond to alarm activations on your behalf, and even let you in to your own property if you have lost your keys or locked yourself out.

Ad Hoc operates its keyholding service to BS7984 standards. Our customer’s keys are unmarked and stored in secure safes. This essential service can prevent disruption to your life, whilst providing an extra layer of security to your property.

Our keyholders are fully vetted and trained professionals, so you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Key benefits:

  • Get into your property fast, should you become locked out
  • Rapid response to any crisis situations when your property alarm sounds 
  • Fully vetted and professional keyholders
  • BS7984 compliant