Guardian Ambassador: Clarissa Ana

“Through choosing to live as an Ad Hoc Guardian I can afford to follow my dreams.”


This month, we spoke with competition winner Clarissa Ana to find out more about her Guardian Experience with Ad Hoc.


Hello, my name is Clarissa Ana, I am a 40-year-old transgender woman and I have been a Guardian with Ad Hoc for three and a half years now.


My Guardian experience has been amazing and I am always recommending Ad Hoc to my friends. I have lived in lots of wonderful properties in Leeds, York and Selby, and whenever I have had to move, Ad Hoc have always been extremely helpful in finding me other beautiful properties to live in. I love the current house where I live – it’s beautiful and so are the gardens. It is my dream house and I feel so lucky to be living here.


One thing I really enjoy about being a Guardian is the flexibility. Each time I move and have a new room it is like a new project for me and I love creating and decorating a space that is my own. It’s exciting to be able to bring your personality into a space and know that I can experiment as much as I like.


The reason I became a Guardian is because I was looking for a more affordable living solution where I could use my money for things that I wanted rather than expensive housing costs. With Ad Hoc, the savings I made not only allowed me to live in beautiful properties, but also meant that my transition was possible as I could then afford the necessary treatment.


Living at Ad Hoc has been the start of lots of positivity in my life. My transition is successfully progressing, I have been elected as the best staff member in my work place last month, I have been able to afford a new car and I live in the house of my dreams.


To people thinking about becoming a Guardian I would whole heartedly recommend it.

I love Ad Hoc and the opportunities they have given me.