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London Borough of Lewisham


The London Borough of Lewisham in Greater London is one of 32 in the capital and has a large density of council owned properties from inner city through to suburban fringes.’People, prosperity, place’ is the latest phase of substantial and far reaching regeneration programmes underway across the borough designed to contribute  to the Community Strategy priorities, particularly those around crime, health, education, enterprise and business growth and cultural vitality. Integral to realising this vision is an ongoing upgrade to council stock.


To provide a pro-active programme and demonstrate capability in terms of strength and depth of personnel to be deployed quickly according to client requirements.


The hand backs were managed in phases over a period of three months with regular visits on site, liaising with Guardians and helping them relocate to other Ad Hoc properties. The project itself is now heading into its fourth phase with Ad Hoc currently occupying flats in Melville House on Sparta Street. Additionally Ad Hoc was assigned 130 one bedroom and bedsit properties at Milford Towers which were handed back in batches of 20 over a six month period. Subsequently Ad Hoc has been awarded further contracts with Lewisham including politically sensitive regeneration projects that require community engagement. In this context Ad Hoc placed a very reliable Guardian on site to act as “Head Guardian” regularly reporting any incidents on the estate back to head office enable fast response times response times and appropriate guarding of the estate. Ad Hoc continues to be awarded contracts in Lewisham on the strength of successful completion and hand over of properties. Ad Hoc is moving to a role as preferred supplier with Lewisham.

“LBL has used Ad Hoc property guardians since early 2012 on 3 regeneration schemes across the Borough.

LBL Officers working on the schemes are now very happy with the relationship between the Council and Ad Hoc, Ad Hoc officers are responsive, visible and respond quickly to the Council’s needs. This is particularly demonstrated on Excalibur where it is important to have properties occupied on the day the resident leaves the property and Ad Hoc have made sure this happens. Overall, the Council appreciates the benefits of using Ad Hoc. Tenants have a safer and more pleasant living environment while the decant is ongoing and Officers have a positive relationship with Ad Hoc officers.”

Rachel George; Regeneration Project Manager at Lewisham council.