This infographic represents an empty hospital, which is no longer used. For the security of the building the owner can engage guardian companies so they can provide house sitters, or ‘property guardians’, who will live in the property. The aim of live in guardians is to prevent damage, such as vandalism, arson, burglary and squatters.

The guardian is not responsible for the maintenance and security of the building they lives in, simply to protect by occupation and to report any issues.

These aren’t rental agreements, as guardians pay 40-50 % less than a normal rent. You also have less privacy as a property guardian, because property owners have the ability to regain their property with a short¬† notice period.

Security options

If the property isn’t suitable for occupation, there are several security options such as wireless smart alarms, SmartCam towers or security guards. The advantage of the wireless smart alarms and the SmartCam towers are that they can be used for a few weeks only, quick to install and easy to move.

To sum up, to live in guardians provide both protection and at the same time keep the property in use which is of benefit to the neighborhood.