A vacant property is an easy target for unauthorised visitors, such as vandals and trespassers, all often turning into costly repairs if nothing is done about them. The answer: bring in Ad Hoc’s vacancy management solution in order to not only fill the property with Guardians, but also make some money that otherwise would not be possible.  Ad Hoc’s vacancy property management solution is designed to save landlords money in comparison with more traditional methods of security, such as bordering up or security guards. Its full service solution offers peace of mind by providing commercial or residential live-in Guardians alongside a range of other security solutions for when the Guardians are at work or away for some reason. Maintaining your property so that it is not affected by outside risks is essential for any property owner, but as ever can be very expensive if the owner is not aware of the alternatives. With Ad Hoc’s Guardians in place, the threat level from the likes of squatters, thieves, asset strippers and overall criminal damage can be reduced by as much as 80%. Additionally, with live-in Guardians in place, these people can also maintain the property against such things as broken heaters or fire alarms for example. Overall, the advantages of Ad Hoc’s vacancy management solution are numerous: property owners can reduce their overheads whilst making some money; Guardians get somewhere to live at a fraction of the normal cost of buying or renting.