As the general trend of property prices increases further, the ability to find cheap accommodation throughout to the country is becoming an increasingly arduous task.

Economic migration, property ownership-aspiration and a shortage of available properties are causing significant demand; this has triggered a scenario where prices rise faster than wages, and cheap accommodation becomes something of a rare breed, for both permanent and part time dwellings.

This is particularly telling in London, where in the past 18 months house prices have risen by an average of 20%. For those who are saving, on a limited income or looking for a flexible housing option these high costs can be crippling and even life limiting.

The typical way to find cheap accommodation in the past has been to compromise on the quality of property, which means having to live in sub-standard housing, or to move somewhere further away from urban hotspots, increasing the length of commutes and travelling times.

But as bleak as the situation may appear for those looking for cheap accommodation, there are inventive ways to get around this problem without necessarily having to settle for less.

In towns and cities across the country vacant properties, originally intended for other purposes can provide an option for people trying to find cheap accommodation. Ad Hoc takes stewardship of properties on behalf of their owners, creatively reimagines them to turn them into a suitable living space, and then allows guardians to live in the properties as their home. This solution benefits property owners, who can feel secure in knowing their properties are being maintained and being put to good use, as well as the guardians who are given a cheaper alternative to pricey tenancy agreements.

Finding these properties is simple. Just go on to the Ad Hoc guardian website, click properties, and scroll through dozens of properties in cities all over the country, including London, Bristol, Liverpool, Newcastle and Glasgow, just to name a few.

This is the intelligent and exciting alternative to renting high costing property, enables those who are hoping to find cheap accommodation and increases their options in the housing sector. With the potential to revolutionize the property market, Ad Hoc seemingly has the solutions for the cheap accommodation market.