The relationship between tenants and landlords in London can often be something of an uphill battle, due to the high cost of property in the area, and stringent landlords. But property guardians in London are an example of an innovative new approach to accommodation which does not result in residents paying extortionate rental costs.

Ad Hoc oversees properties on behalf of their owners, reimagines them to turn them into a suitable living space, and then allows guardians to live in the properties. This solution benefits property owners, who get security from knowing their properties are being maintained and being put to good use, as well as the guardians who are given a cheaper alternative to pricey hotel bills or tenancy agreements.

The way Ad Hoc’s system works is they look after properties, partially redesign them to create a liveable space and then allow guardians to occupy the property, usually for a fee much lower than standard rent.

This solution is fitting for London, with its diversity of architecture and high number of empty properties; Ad Hoc’s creativity means almost any building can be turned into a home for someone. This has already been the case with former schools, hospitals, care homes, offices, churches, libraries and leisure centres all over Europe.

The resulting scenario benefits both those wanting a permanent dwelling, and short term residents, like staycation tourists, seasonal workers, graduates, interns and other such people keen for a temporary property.

The guardian lifestyle is particularly appealing to adventurous people, seeking flexible living arrangements, keen to meet unusual people in an unconventional living space. There are numerous benefits to being a guardian, including a greater cost-to-living space ratio, closer proximity to urban hotspots, the ability to make significant financial savings, a basecamp for travellers and in general, an elastic and exciting lifestyle.

But perhaps, more than anything the sheer amount that property guardians can save from living the Ad Hoc lifestyle, as opposed to the conventional means of renting in London is the best endorsement for becoming an Ad Hoc guardian. Weekly costs can be as low as £50, which in a city like London, is significant break from the extortionate norm.