Hi, I’m Nicola Hebson and I am a self-taught Ethical Taxidermist as well as an Ad Hoc Property Guardian. I recycle roadkill and make it into wearable accessories and taxidermy pieces, dioramas and artwork.

One of the key themes in my work is nomadism (traveling with no fixed abode, using what you have) so when I found out about Ad Hoc, it seemed like a perfect fit!

I would say my work is mainly influenced by nature, and all the flora and fauna in it. I am also heavily inspired by India and have travelled there twice, particularly the Rajasthan area as I love the traditional gypsy culture that derives from that area and all the art and music that is created there.

Being a Guardian is ideal for me because I make a living off what I do and I am self-employed. I run my own online shop and I sell my work at festivals and fairs, and in shops up and down the country. The savings I make as a Guardian can be put back into my business which is great.

I am currently based in the Old Hospital in Clitheroe. I found out about Ad Hoc through a friend when I was struggling to find an affordable place to live, and since then it has all worked out perfectly. I live in a giant ward that used to be a men’s ward, whereby there is more than enough room for me and all of my creations! I even use the examination lights on the walls to examine my specimens, and I have a ward curtain that goes around my bed to block out lights when I’m sleeping! It’s like a cool studio apartment.

Being an Ad Hoc Guardian is life changing and has helped me to pursue my dreams. It’s affordable and there’s a lot of room for me to work on my art. This is the lifestyle I have always dreamt of and I want it to stay like this as long as possible. It’s brilliant to be able to work without the stresses of money and bills.

You can see more of Nicola’s work over at www.nicolahebson.com.