This Summer, Ad Hoc is launching its newest security solution, Cyclops. As we all know, empty properties are prone to vandalism, squatting and other security fears, which can cause loss of value to the building as well as result in costly theft and damage. Cyclops has been designed to help stop all of this before it happens by not only surveying the premises and surrounding land for unwanted visitors, but alerting you as soon as a problem occurs.

This new solution is the result of a collaboration between Ad Hoc and Cyclops Security BV. Proven in the Netherlands, Cyclops detects unwanted visitors in and around your property immediately due to its heat seeking technology and unique built-in filters, which enable it to tell the difference between a small animal and a person. Cyclops delivers instant reports of all developments on request, meaning you the property owner can monitor your property 24/7, 365 days per year. Cyclops is also highly visible, which adds to its ability to deter unwanted visitors.

Other core attributes include:

  • The ability to analyse video content as frequently as you need;
  • Enables remote monitoring so you don’t have to be on the premises;
  • Completely plug and play with no complicated installation process;
  • Additional functionality such as the ability to follow intruders and block time programming;
  • Self-checking facility to ensure it is always in the correct position;
  • Content filters installed meaning the alarm won’t activate if a pet walks by, but it will if a person or vehicle appear at the property.

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