Businesses are increasingly using vacant commercial properties as sites for pop-up shops in urban areas. With astronomical increases in commercial leasing, becoming a Commercial Guardian for Ad Hoc Property Management is a fast and cost-effective way for any business to open a new commercial space. Taking up a short term lease on a vacant property is an easy option that requires no long-term commitment and avoids the usual legal fees that come with leasing. It allows businesses to open new exhibitions or shops in areas they could not normally afford.

What makes pop-up shops so popular is the idea of excitement at the idea of creating something fresh and new, as well as the ability to have a dynamic interaction with urban spaces. They bring new life to areas that have been underused and undervalued. Pop-ups are suitable for any type of commercial enterprise from an artist wishing to display an exhibition to an established brand wanting to test a new product. The excitement that is created around a new pop-up shop is appealing to any business. Pop-ups are an effective marketing tool offering a way to introduce a new brand. They are used to test the market in a new area or to create an offline presence for an ecommerce site. Commercial Guardians have unique access to properties in the centre of urban areas, which gives them the opportunity to set up sites in high foot traffic areas as well as providing their business with a strong physical presence.

Opening a new commercial site in the centre of an urban area can be incredibly costly and quite simply out of reach for many businesses. As Commercial Guardians, businesses can set up pop-up shops as a way to avoid the high costs of leasing a commercial property in an urban area. Pop-ups are a fantastic way of developing hype around a new or existing business, or as an unofficial market research tool. Ad Hoc Property Management work closely with any business to find a site that best suits their needs.