Having grown considerably over the last five years, the empty property market is now at a point whereby there are a range of players, including ourselves, all doing our bit to alleviate the housing crisis. However, like any growing sector, it has got to a point whereby at the very least, best practice standards are needed to stop the cowboy operators from giving us all a bad name. We have all seen the stories talking about people living in horrible conditions; we not only need to stop this from happening, but in the process improve the standards across the sector.

This is why we have launched our ‘Respect for Guardians Charter’. The first part of a wider campaign, we are bringing about a necessary raising of standards across the industry over the course of 2016. Ensuring best practice is adhered to at all times, be it through an improved standard of properties for Guardians to live in, or making sure that Guardians not only have everything they require but also are communicated with in the correct manner, the aim is for all organisations to get on board and agree to these changes.

By taking the lead in improving the standards, we will create a more sustainable and credible industry. Additionally, the industry will continue its strong growth in a more structured, and regulated, way.

To find out more about the Charter and what it stands for, please click here.