Graham Land & Developments

Southlands and Cyclops

Graham Land & Developments


A former NHS clinic in Sittingbourne became vacant, it was located in an area where a number of other vacant properties had suffered from both vandalism, squatters and asset stripping.


Developer Graham Land & Developments acquired the site and needed to ensure that their asset was fully protected. Key to their requirement was that the preferred security solution needed to be cost effective and also installed as quickly as possible, in order to deter arsonists, thieves and potential squatters from damaging the property.


Ad Hoc’s Smart Tower Security System known as ‘Cyclops’ was selected as the preferred option. Two towers were installed that were 6 metres high to provide a full 360 degree camera overview of the site. The smart video content system was programmed to pick up multiple objects that would then be fed back to the monitoring station. The system with a 36x optical zoom that can magnify distances of up to 500 yards coupled with the 12x digital zoom that enhance the optical image meant that the building and the surrounding area was fully secured and also monitored.  ‘Cyclops’ acts as a visible deterrent and as recently as August 2016 led to the arrest of a trespasser who damaged the property in his attempt to force entry.

I’ve really been impressed with how easy it has been in getting the system installed and also how cost effective it has been compared to other security measures that we’ve previously used. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this solution to other property and land owners”.