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Security Guard

Scope, leading disability charity


The property was a former care facility for disabled adults in the Colchester area. Those making use of the building were being transferred to other accommodation and the property was soon to be empty. The client had a buyer in place for the building but needed it kept secure until the sale was completed.


Given the rural nature of the area, the client’s main concern was that the property might be asset stripped in the intervening months while it was empty and that this would affect the sale. The property was both large and part of a considerable plot with multiple buildings on the site.


We put together various options including our Cyclops Smartcam Towers, monitored smart alarm systems and guard services at the site in various combination to provide a level of cover that the client was happy with, whilst providing value for money. They decided on our security guard offering and requested four guards to work shifts so that the site would always have one guard present 24 hours a day with a second guard joining at night.

“Following four criminal offences against one terraced house in the space of 5 months and with no sign of successful prosecutions, I needed to take drastic action and appointed Ad Hoc. From the day Ad Hoc’s Guardians moved into the property no-one breathed on it.  When circumstances dictated that the Guardians leave, as we had found a buyer, the property was again subject to crime.  There could not be a clearer demonstration of the fact that the Guardians concept works and that Ad Hoc can eliminate crime”.