Brent Housing Partnership

Low down on high rise protection

Brent Housing Partnership – Custody of Stock During Regeneration


Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) is an innovative organisation responsible for managing and maintaining 12,500 of Brent Council’s housing stock. BHP also owns and manages 300 of its own properties and is a registered social landlord.


BHP tasked Ad Hoc to deliver a cost-effective strategy to protect a number of residential estates comprising a mix of high rise and low rise buildings during a landmark regeneration programme. BHP’s intention is to transform South Kilburn with high quality mixed tenure homes. Overall the masterplan is for a total of 2,400 homes, including 1,500 for existing estate residents, to be built in phases until 2023. Crucially the project demanded that buildings were returned on deadline, and in a clean and tidy condition.


The legacy strategy inherited by Ad Hoc was an expensive shuttered and manned security approach and Ad Hoc created an environment where responsible Guardians acted as custodians for BHP’s stock.

“Ad Hoc are a reliable, dependable, cost-effective solution to vacant property management. Before moving our property security to Ad Hoc we were using metal doors and shutters to secure our empty properties. This expensive solution presented a security issue as it is a visible sign that the property is empty. We experienced problems with squatters and expensive, time-consuming court proceedings to evict them. The benefit of using Ad Hoc Guardians is that the property is visibly lived in, and this visible presence reduces antisocial behaviour. The Guardians live in the property, ensuring its upkeep and reporting any problems that may occur. Ad Hoc always deals with issues effectively and efficiently, ensuring that our buildings are returned to us on time and in a clean and tidy condition.”

Mike Somers, Regeneration Officer,  Brent Housing Partnership