London Borough of Redbrige

London Borough of Redbrige


A special school in East London became vacant. Despite being secured, the property was broken into and vandalised, with all copper and anything of value stolen. The property was left with the inside having being completely destroyed.

To protect the property and the council against further damage/intrusion, traditional 24 hours manned security was put in place.


Traditional manned security was extremely expensive and a more cost effective security solution was sought, whilst the future of the property was determined.

Having already embarked on a Guardianship security arrangement with Ad Hoc in a property in Wales, the London Borough of Redbridge sought Ad Hoc’s view as to the feasibility of such a solution in a property which had been completely vandalised internally.


Ad Hoc judged the project viable, even though substantial works were required, estimating a 3 month payback when savings would outstrip costs of existing traditional manned security.

In order to reduce cost immediately, but still provide adequate security prior to the property being made suitable for Guardian occupation, Ad Hoc implemented a mix and match combination of their Cyclops solution, sophisticated Flood lighting and video cameras, together with a security guard during night-time hours.

In order to progress faster to the ultimate solution, Ad Hoc will now effect works to make the property suitable for occupation by Guardians, this cost is to be invoiced to the council.

Once the property is occupied by Guardians any income arising will be shared with the council.

Allowing for this income share, the changed initial security arrangements and the major capital spend, it is anticipated that, compared against the original costs of traditional manned security, the reduction in cost will break even in approximately 3 months. Thereafter any income share arising from Guardian occupation will contribute towards the upkeep of the property.

Dealings we have had with Ad Hoc personnel, both in Bristol, relative to the property in Wales, and London, relative to the vandalised school, have been very positive. These were the first forays into Guardianship type security for the London Borough of Redbridge and the council was very apprehensive that its position was protected. Ad Hoc personnel have been very understanding and accommodated the council’s concerns ensuring that all legal documentation was adjusted appropriately to allay any concerns the council had.

The lifecycle of both projects have not yet completed, the property in Wales is at a further stage in that Guardians where installed swiftly and the presence of them on site has ensured there are no issues at the property, whereas in East London works are about to start ready for Guardians. We are, however, confident that once the Welsh property is sold and the future of the East London property is determined, Guardians will move out on time and the properties be handed back in appropriate condition.

In a word, all seems to be very satisfactory, with substantial cost savings compared to traditional manned security, and we would certainly use Ad Hoc again.

Michael Lyon
Senior Projects Surveyor
London Borough of Redbridge