Breadmore Hopkins

Merseyside Magic

BREADMORE HOPKINS, 66 Sutcliffe Street, Kensington, Liverpool


Sadly not a new phenomenon, but typical for a deprived inner city area, this run down district of Liverpool had been plagued with constant break-ins of dilapidated or unused housing awaiting demolition or refurbishment.


Contractor Breadmore Hopkins – based in London – needed on-the-ground protection for a development property that had been subject to numerous attacks of vandalism. The client approached Ad Hoc to devise a workable solution.


Where installed and planned, the presence of Guardians proved a successful deterrent and prevented any further incidents at the property. The house was eventually sold, Guardians re-located and the Client was impressed with the results.

“Following four criminal offences against one terraced house in the space of 5 months and with no sign of successful prosecutions, I needed to take drastic action and appointed Ad Hoc. From the day Ad Hoc’s Guardians moved into the property no-one breathed on it.  When circumstances dictated that the Guardians leave, as we had found a buyer, the property was again subject to crime.  There could not be a clearer demonstration of the fact that the Guardians concept works and that Ad Hoc can eliminate crime”.