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When you have a security problem that keeps moving, you need a security solution that moves with it. Ad Hoc can deploy our security towers and relocate them around site when needed.

When you have vacant land or property, you don’t always know how long it will be vacant for. You may not want to commit to expensive hard-wired security systems whilst you’re trying to dispose of or develop your asset. Our mobile CCTV Towers are the perfect temporary security measure.

Mobile security systems, such as our CCTV Towers, Hybrid CCTV Towers and Intruder Smart Alarms, are all designed to be deployed at short notice for flexible periods of time.

These mobile, rapid deployment systems enable owners to continue with their site plans whilst enjoying the benefits of having robust, reliable and affordable security in place.

Ad Hoc has systems in locations such as construction & development sites, freight yards, industrial estates, fly tipping hot spots, waterways, highways, listed buildings and properties sitting empty awaiting planning consent.

There are a range of benefits in using mobile security and along with our flexible contract terms this really could be the solution for you.
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“We have used Ad Hoc as our CCTV supplier on a large logistic park currently under construction. The park is located in an area which is subject to significant anti-social behaviour which had resulted in numerous incidents of theft and vandalism on site. The service and support provided by Ad Hoc has resulted in a substantial reduction in such incidents and their seamless integration into the on-site security service has helped to provide a safe and secure site. The knowledgeable staff at Ad Hoc are always on hand to adjust and tailor their provision and their experience in the industry is invaluable in helping us to refine our CCTV provision as the logistics park evolves from the construction phase to the operational phase”.

A large scale international developer talking about their 600 acre site in Yorkshire.

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