How Ad Hoc works with property owners

How Ad Hoc works with property owners

Ad Hoc’s Property Guardian service is designed to save you money while maximising the security of your vacant residential or commercial property.

You could save:

  • 100% of your business rates
  • 80% of the cost of static security guard services
  • Up to 50% of the cost of boarding up the property

Our service includes:

  • Flexible contract periods and just 31 days’ notice to return property to you
  • Regular inspection of your property and grounds by Ad Hoc staff
  • Regular reports on the state of your property
  • Meter readings
  • Minor repairs
  • Access for Agents with 24 hours’ notice
  • Public Liability Insurance up to £10m
  • A physical presence in your property (Ad Hoc Property Guardians)
  • The building’s appearance changed from vacant to occupied
  • Marketing your property to vetted Guardians, arranging viewings and managing all aspects of the relationship with Guardians, from agreeing contracts to the day they move out
  • Straightforward legal structure with no tenancy rights