To decide when circumstances dictate that live in guardians provide the best solution, just take a few seconds to think about the risk of an empty building: vandalism, squatters, graffiti and other criminal activities. The owner has to deal with these kind of problems, including high rates for an empty property.

The solution is people called “Live in Guardians”, who use your building taking care of it, keeping the property clean and tidy and detecting various problems inside (clogged pipes, floods, blown light bulbs… everything through regular use). In this way, your office, your house, your building will remain in use.


Who are the guardians? What is the benefit for them?

They are key workers, artists, independent and freelance workers… people who are looking for good locations, saving money and an exciting and social alternative to live, and in return, they protect and preserve the properties: win-win situation for all sides. Imagine someone who has just entered the world of work, and are keen to save and not to spend money on a rent or buying their own house yet.

The guardians profit from low cost accommodation, and not only the buildings are available for living, but also to work; the buildings can be, offices, mansions, hospital, cafes… all of them equipped with kitchens, cooking facilities and bathrooms. For security reasons, the live in guardians profiles will be examined (no criminal records etc.), character is important and being in employment; ending the selection process with an interview.

This is not a lease; the guardian is a licensee. Each of the partie can break the agreement, but always with 28 days notice, this is one of the characteristics to differentiate a tenant from licensee. Another feature is the low cost and the non-exclusive occupation.

With this technique, assets will be safe and will maintain their value. live in guardians benefit from low cost accommodation and the property owner from ongoing maintenance.