Vacant property guardians

Security of vacant buildings by using Property Guardians living within the premises, keeps both the building secure and maintained. Additionally it avoids anti social behaviour such as squatting and vandalism in the neighborhood.

As soon a building is locked up and left empty it starts to deteriorate. When the heating is switched off and air ceases to circulate around the building, damp starts to accumulate and other maintenance issues if not spotted and dealt with can quickly develop into more damaging and permanent issues.

The option of using traditional security guards is only ever a temporary solution and is prohibitive to maintain over any extended period of time. Added to that, the issues of property deterioration which security alone will not solve, then property guardians are an attractive and cost effective solution for landlords.

Property Guardians keep otherwise empty properties occupied, provide protection and management. In return they gain huge savings over renting and benefit from being part of a community. Particularly attractive for key workers and young professionals looking for residential property in London or other expensive city locations who would otherwise need to travel long distances to work.

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