Rochdale Metropolitan Council, Fieldhouse School

Winning formula

Rochdale Metropolitan Council, Fieldhouse School


Rochdale is an urban area with many deprived estates and extremely high cases of arson and crime and the local council threw down the gauntlet to Ad Hoc to prove the benefit of installing Guardians at selected properties.


Against a backdrop of vacant buildings severely damaged or completely destroyed the local Council wanted to investigate effective ways of protecting their assets and instructed Ad Hoc to secure some of its sites on a trial basis. One of the trial properties was Fieldhouse School which the Council was looking to sell off and needed to protect the value of the asset in the short term until a sale was agreed and completed. The impressive and attractive red brick primary school site boasted large former classrooms occupied by the Guardians who also made use of the former school hall by playing sports including badminton and crown green bowls.


Ad hoc moved Guardians around to comply with instructions from the Local Fire Service and also had a new alarm system installed as well as a temporary shower unit.
Eventually the building was sold and such was the success of the project Guardians where moved to a new site provided by Rochdale Council because they wanted to retain the services of good quality Guardians!

“I have found Ad Hoc to be an extremely cost effective way of securing and maintaining vacant properties. It has protected some very vulnerable buildings and allowed us to get full value from the sale of these properties. The Ad Hoc staff have always responded to any problems on the buildings in a professional and timely manner.”

Nick Riggs, Senior Surveyor, Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council