Can I save money on business rates by getting my commercial property re-classified to residential?

Absolutely. It is entirely possible to get your property reclassified by the Valuation Office meaning you no longer need to pay business rates, just council tax, saving hundreds if not thousands of pounds per year. We will work with you to try and get this change made.

However what happens if the change isn’t permanent?
Would I need change of use consent?

No, not in most cases because your building still retains its original use and is just being protected by guardians for an interim period. However we work closely with planning officers to ensure they understand the nature of our services and the longer term use of your property.

Would I still pay empty property rates? 

As with change of use, properties are not defined as occupied as the guardians are simply there to protect the building. However there are numerous ways we can look to mitigate this.

How would you manage my property?

During our management term we would make regular inspections to ensure your property is being well kept and we would report any maintenance issues to you immediately. Our commitment is to protect the value of your asset while saving you money on security.