Guardians of Great Britain – prestigious Charterhouse in Coventry uses Ad Hoc to secure property through preservation phase

Europe’s leading vacant property protection specialist working with Charterhouse Coventry Preservation Trust to place Guardians into monastic building dating back to the 1300s

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Britain has an illustrious history, one that can be traced back over centuries of art, culture, politics and architecture.

From the black and white thatched buildings of the Tudors to the grand regency townhouses of the Georgian period, British cities, towns and villages are peppered with an eclectic mix of architectural styles and designs.

But what happens when these priceless artefacts, however big they may be, become vacant? Properties fall to wrack and ruin, stunning original features are left to crumble and these statements of British genius fall prey to vandals and squatters.

One of Coventry’s hidden gems, the Charterhouse, is undergoing an ambitious preservation project including the full restoration of the main buildings as part of its desire to turn the Heritage Park into one of the region’s most successful visitor attractions. To enable this transformation, the Charterhouse Coventry Preservation Trust implemented Ad Hoc Property Management’s leading Guardianship model in order to protect the buildings from security issues such as vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

The Charterhouse Preservation Trust is working with local people and professional consultants to bring about this ambitious project. Additionally, the Trust is planning to make the Charterhouse into a visitor attraction, centred on the Priory and refectory, with a display illustrating and describing the history of the city through the Heritage Park.

Ian Harrabin, Chairman of the Charterhouse Preservation Trust, explains: “We have a very big plan for the Charterhouse that involves a significant amount of work, time and effort from all involved. We cannot afford any time or monetary setbacks, such as suffering from vandalism or worse, which is why having Guardians living in the self-contained sections of the Priory is invaluable. They are doing a fantastic job keeping the property secure, whilst we concentrate on the preservation project.”

Since 2006 Ad Hoc’s unique property management schemes have allowed us to rise to the challenge of keeping residential and commercial buildings safe and secure. Through our Guardianship model, historical buildings like the Charterhouse can save up to 80% of security costs when compared with traditional security measures.

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