New property index provides the Peterborough public with stark price difference between renting and property guardian licence fees

Ad Hoc Property Management, Europe’s leading provider of affordable property through the innovative property occupation model and pioneers of the industry’s first best practice charter, has launched an infographic-based guide to housing costs across key UK cities such as Peterborough. The infographic not only raises awareness of the stark difference in pricing models between renting and property guardian licence fees, but also provides a cost-effective alternative to the traditional route to market.

The comparison index covers 15 UK cities, including:

Leicester Manchester Edinburgh Glasgow Birmingham
Hull Sheffield Leeds Southampton Nottingham
Newcastle Peterborough Bristol Liverpool Cardiff


Providing a comparison between one, two and three-bedroom flat and house shares in the private rental market and Ad Hoc’s property guardianship licence fee, the index gives the viewer an idea of what can be saved by considering the property occupation model.

“As this infographic showcases, the Peterborough public have to find a significant amount of money just to pay their monthly house rental, making it near impossible for anyone to save money for such things as a deposit for a house,” explains Sarah Reid, Peterborough Area Manager for Ad Hoc Property Management. “With salaries staying much the same for many, the need for alternative solutions that cost-effectively help people to live within reach of work, family and friends is becoming greater and greater. With our property occupation model, this requirement can become a reality.”

The Ad Hoc property occupation model offers individuals the opportunity to live in unusual spaces, such as ex schools, care homes and pubs, at a fraction of the traditional rental price. It uses what is called a licence to occupy agreement between the individual and the property guardian company, which provides strict guidelines for both parties to adhere to. What’s more, the property occupation model is being offered to businesses for commercial purposes, enabling start-ups increased access to the areas they need to be in.

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