Ad Hoc Property Management is providing the Shropshire community with an affordable solution to the housing crisis as residents continue to battle with ever rising costs. Property guardianship, which Ad Hoc calls “The Property Occupation Model”, is the placing of occupants into vacant properties where they can live affordably until they find a more permanent solution.


“The regeneration of vacant buildings into affordable housing is not just a positive solution to the housing crisis and to communities but it is a winning solution for all parties involved,” said Darren Tubb, Area Manager for Shropshire. “For those in need of affordable housing, it allows them to live somewhere that costs roughly 60 per cent of the market value, and for vacant property owners, it enables them to cost-effectively maintain their property until they decide what to do with it.”


Shropshire’s housing market is one that is not in favour of young, first-time home buyers. Since 1990, the number of buyers between the ages of 25-29 has fallen by more than 50 per cent. Currently, only 31 per cent of people between these ages are able to buy their first home and of those, 34 per cent need financial help from their family while one in ten rely on an inheritance.


During the most recent election, many candidates targeted the problem of unaffordable housing across the UK and ultimately devised a plan to build more homes in various areas. In Telford, the council had come to a consensus to build roughly 15,555 new homes but soon changed that to 17,280 after projecting a larger population growth in the coming seven years.


Darren continues: “With demand outweighing supply and wage growth coming to a halt, the younger generation will have to wait twice as long as their parents did to get into the housing market. By utilising vacant properties as affordable accommodation, it can ease the burden on social housing waiting lists as well as enable local workers to find somewhere to live cost-effectively in their local areas.”


This time in 2016, 1,615 homes were considered vacant in the Shropshire area. While vacancies happen for a number of reasons, the result of them remains the same. Squatters and vandals flock to these areas, buildings become dilapidated and a fire risk and communities begin to appear run down. Ad Hoc’s property Occupation Model is the ideal solution, with the added benefit of housing people in need of a cost-effective place to live.


For more information about Ad Hoc’s Property Occupation Model and security systems, please contact 0121 773 8116