Property Guardians

With 30 years of experience in The Netherlands and UK, Ad Hoc are market leaders in the hugely successful Property Guardian industry. This innovative and practical solution for securing vacant properties has proven very popular across all public and private sectors.

No one would argue that a property is better occupied than being empty. Having vetted, working individuals residing in a building on a temporary license basis provides an effective live-in presence to the property and a proven deterrent against unwanted visitors. It’s also very inexpensive compared to most other security measures.

This scheme has revolutionised the way owners secure their properties. from local authorities to private developers, every type of property can be considered for occupation by Property Guardians. Owners are attracted by the huge benefits and dedicated management support from Ad Hoc.

This entirely flexible service could really be the ideal solution for you. It really is a very effective low-cost means of property security.

Join the thousands of property owners from all sectors who have benefitted from this scheme!
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Stringent Vetting Process
Suitable for All Building Types
Monthly Rolling Contracts
Flexible Terms
Market Leaders
Cost-Effective Solution
Socially Responsible

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